Tugboat comes to assist Noorderlicht

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Tall Ship Noorderlicht, with the education program Masterskip on board, has been connected to a tugboat since 1:00 PM. Now that the water is high enough, the ship will be refloated.

Last night, the Frisian sailing ship Noorderlicht from Swan Expeditions received assistance from the Norwegian Coast Guard in moving its passengers. The ship ran aground in a Norwegian fjord around 2:30 AM. After inspection, no damage was found there.

The ship was directly against the shore. With a rubber boat in between, everyone could just walk to the shore. From there, they were taken to a hotel by boat from the Norwegians. There was no moment of unease or tension. It was a well-controlled precautionary measure.

The Masterskip education program is known for, among other things, the heroic journey made by 30 students when the corona pandemic broke out. The trainees, as the students on board are called, sailed across the Atlantic Ocean for 6 weeks to arrive safely in the Netherlands.

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