Perform your own expeditions, and use the Noorderlicht or Wylde Swan as your temporary home.



Welcome to the Noorderlicht and Wylde Swan, two magnificent tall ships that are available for full charter. Our beautiful vessels are perfect for expeditions, corporate retreats, and other unforgettable experiences.

We offer several voyages in Spitsbergen with the Noorderlicht. They take place from April to September. Ask for possibility for full charter.

The Wylde Swan is available for charter between May and October, ask for the sailing schedule and opportunities.

When you book a full charter of the Noorderlicht or Wylde Swan, you will have exclusive use of the ship for your expedition or event. Our experienced crew will be on hand to help you plan and execute a successful voyage, and to ensure that you and your guests have a safe and enjoyable experience.

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We are proud that we are a sailing ship and we try to use our sails to reach the expedition areas under sailing. Only that aspect already makes Noorderlicht unique in Spitsbergen. Most other ships are motor ships with all its consequences.

We also need electricity on the Noorderlicht. But compared to the big ships up to sometimes 200 passengers, our footprint is very low. We get the energy that we need from our Powerpacks. We have 3 generators on board. Two small and ones and one larger one. This way we can always choose which one needs to be running for what we are doing. This way we always have the configuration with the smallest impact on the environment.



What immediately stands out is the warm and cozy atmosphere in the ship. There are nice common areas that can be heated well for the arctic areas. There are also 10 comfortable double cabins. Living together on board is a fantastic experience, regardless of your age. The group process is one of the most important parts of an expedition.

Do you want to know more about life on board? Visit our webinar >


Noorderlicht has 10 cabins for 2 people. The cabins are spacious and comfortable. Some cabins share a shower and toilet with one other cabin. Other cabins have the shower and toilet in the sanitary room. A double bed on a sailing ship is not a good idea. As soon as there is some heel, this is not pleasant. We therefore have two single beds in a bunk bed arrangement.

Private cabin

If your guests want more privacy, they can choose to book one cabin for one person. 


Every day our chef and crew prepare a delicious breakfast with various cereals, fresh bread, sweet and savory spreads with coffee, tea, juice, milk. At the coffee and tea moments, something tasty is usually provided.

Because we have a relatively small group of passengers, our cook can always add a personal touch to the food for our guests. Our crew and our guides join in with our guests. This ensures that we are all really sailing the expedition together.

We are happy to discuss different options for full charters.


Depending on what the aim is of your expedition, we will sail, explore, ski, or hike. We are very flexible and are open to discuss tailor made programs on board one of our vessels. From coaching sessions, to sail training, to photography courses. Write us a request and we are happy to explore possibilities with you.



The Noorderlicht meets all safety requirements set by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). The crew and guides are well trained in dealing with emergencies, but especially in preventing them. Every year, the entire ship and crew are inspected by various government agencies.

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