We sail our Tall Ships to remote areas worldwide.



Since we’re organizing unique sailing trips since 1993, we developed an expertise for remote expeditions like Spitsbergen, Iceland, Greenland, Scotland and Norway, but also Argentina and Antarctica. Between the northern and southern areas we also like to visit the still undiscovered places in the Canaries, Cape Verde, Brazil, Azores and of course the Caribbean.


A lot of people think you can’t actually visit Antarctica, but yes you can! Step aboard one of our Tall Ships and sail towards this wonderful destination. Take part in our sail training voyage and fulfill your lifelong dream of exploring Antarctica.


Come join us during a trip to the wilderness of (East-) Greenland. In contrast to West-Greenland, the East is all about wilderness: incredible glaciers, huge icebergs, whales circling around, colorfoul villages and deep fjords.


Step aboard our Tall Ship and be amazed at the versatility of the Arctic wilderness with spectacular glaciers, encounters with Arctic animals and delve into the history of Spitsbergen with a visit to historic whaling stations.


Iceland is called “the land of ice and flame”, Martial landscapes and natural wonders. Volcanoes, glaciers, waterfalls, lava fields and geothermal springs coexist on a small island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.


Step aboard our Tall Ships and experience the wonderful lowlands, the Highlands and the islands of Scotland.


Denmark has 444 islands, but only 76 of them are inhabited. With our Tall Ships we sail these islands and enjoy the mountains and deep fjords.