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Polar Night in Svalbard: months of darknesss

Polar Night in Svalbard: months of darknesss

In december the longest and darkest period of the year takes place in Svalbard. For a few months the island is being covered by the black night, an unique experience! In december, the darkest period occurs. After that the nights will become less dark again, and the moment to welcome the sun comes closer by the day. In this blog post we will tell you everything about the Polar Night on Svalbard.

What is the Polar Night?

The Polar Night, also known as the "dark season" or "kaamos" in some regions, is a natural phenomenon that occurs near the polar circles, including areas like Svalbard. It is characterized by a long period of continuous darkness when the sun remains below the horizon for an extended duration, typically lasting for several weeks to months.

In the case of Svalbard, which is located in the Arctic Circle, the Polar Night occurs during the winter months when the axial tilt of the Earth causes the sunlight to skim along the horizon without actually rising above it. As a result, Svalbard experiences a long period of twilight and darkness.

The darkest period

The duration of the Polar Night varies depending on the specific location within the polar circle. In Svalbard, it can last from late November to late January, with some areas experiencing a shorter or longer period of darkness. During this time, the region is bathed in twilight or dim light, creating a unique and otherworldly atmosphere.

Aurora Borealis during Polar Night

Despite the absence of direct sunlight, the Polar Night is not pitch black. The moon, stars, and, most notably, the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) illuminate the sky, providing a mesmerizing display of celestial beauty. This period also offers a distinctive opportunity to witness the resilience of Arctic wildlife and experience the unique cultural traditions that thrive in the face of prolonged darkness.

Polar Night and Midnight Sun

Next to the Polar Night, there's another adventure and experience that awaits: the Midnight Sun. During our expeditions in summer you have the chance to witness the transformative beauty of Svalbard through 24 hours of daylight thanks to the Midnight Sun. Book your voyage for 2024 now >

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