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Come join us during a trip to the wilderness of (East-) Greenland. In contrast to West-Greenland, the East is all about wilderness: incredible glaciers, huge icebergs, whales circling around, colorfoul villages and deep fjords.



Become part of the crew while sailing our Tall Ship from Iceland to Greenland, and back.


Our expeditions in Greenland start with boarding our Tall Ship in Reykjavik, Iceland. First: find your cabin! After that it's time for a safety drill, following with getting to know your fellow travelers.


We will leave for Greenland! During our sailing expedition to Greenland you will become familiar with Tall Ship-sailing. There will be practical trainings, lectures, duties and instructional films aboard. You'll become part of the crew!


Time to discover Greenland. Together with the crew and fellow passengers you can explore the amazing countryside of Greenland. And of course: there will be sailing in the amazing fjords as well.


We're heading back to Iceland. When crossing from Greenland to Iceland we will have duties, lectures and training from our experienced crew. When entering the harbour of Reykjavik, you've gained an amazing experience.


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Ammassalik, Kong Oscar Bay

Ammassalik (also known as ‘Tasiilaq’) is the largest settlement in East-Greenland. The meaning of the name is “like a lake” because of a fjord system with very narrow entrance from the sea. It is the island with the highest population on the Eastern Coast, and Tasiilaq is one of the fastest-growing towns in Greenland.

During our visit we will attend a workshop on creating the Greenlandic tupaliq figures and ofcourse have a walk around the settlement.

Sermilik Fjord

The name of the fjord, ‘Sermilik’, means ‘place with glaciers’. It’s well know for its glaciers which produce the massive icebergs. We will approach the beautiful glacier Harn as close as possible, listen to noise of cracking ice and participate in a polar plunge!

You will also witness the Greenlandic ice sheet, the Greenlandic whales and the glaciers Helheimgletscher, Isgletscher, and Midgardgletscher.

By Ansgar Walk

Tiniteqilaak (Tiilerilaaq) settlement

An old Inuit village that’s located in the Sermilik fjords. It’s one of the most exciting and beautiful locations in Greenland.

We’ll have a walk where you’re able to boy some souvenirs of local hunters and fishermen. They dry locally caught river trout and haddock.

Iohan Fjord, Inuit settlement Kuummiut

You could describe this place as ‘Greenlandic Patagonia’, since the landscape is mountainious. It’s a perfect place for hiking and fishing.

We will go to the inner part of this fjord that is called “Greenlandic Patagonia”. Here it is time to grab your camera and enjoy the stunning surroundings.


Ikassa Fjord, abandoned U.S. Base

Because Ikassa fjord being very narrow, we will sail in during the low tide. Because then, the icebergs are grounded. Breathtaking views are waiting for you!

During World War 2 the U.S. military built some bases and airfields to enhance the transatlantic connection between the USA and Europe. In 1947 they left and all the equipment was abandoned. Time for us to visit this open-air museum after sailing in the fjord during low tide. The former airfield “Blue East Two” attracts tourists from every corner of the world.

Knud Rasmussen Glacier

Greenland’s Ice sheet is the world’s second largest fresh water reserves. The color of this glacier is intense blue, and we will inspect it from as close as we can get since glaciers are dangerous floating ice-bergs for ships.

Knud Rasmussen glacier is characterized by the intense blue color of the ice, the outer parts of the glacier calve regularly. As safe as possible, we will sail close to the glacier to breath the air full of ozone and enjoy the moment.


Sermiligaaq settlement

Sermiligaaq is Greenlandic for ‘beautiful glacier fjord’. About 200 people live in this village, and they are mostly hunters and fishermen. All of their catches are sold to the fish-processing-plant in Kuummiut.

Sermiligaaq lies close to a number of beautifull glaciers, which we will pass during our trip to this settlement. Enjoy the views of the “milky blue” water.

Text and images: Maritime Practice

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