Milebuilder: from Spitsbergen to Rotterdam in 18 days

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Time for a new milebuilder! In 18 days you will sail the Noorderlicht from Longyearbyen (Svalbard) to Rotterdam (The Netherlands).

This will give you a life-long memory. You will literally be following the routes of the great explorers of the past. Starting in a vast wilderness slowly making your way towards civilization. And if you are lucky, you will even experience some Aurora Borealis along the way!


Day 1: Arrive in Longyearbyen

You will arrive at the small airport of Longyearbyen, located about 15 minutes drive from the centre of the small town.

Our sailing ship Noorderlicht will be waiting for you at the so-called ‘floating pier’ where you can embark from 20:00. After a welcome from the captain, the mooring lines will be cast off and the ship sets course south bound.

Day 2 – 17: Set sail towards the Netherlands

During these 2 weeks you will be learning how to sail the beautiful Noorderlicht. You will be part of our watch system and together with our highly skilled crew you will bring the home.

As you can imagine this trip is highly dependant on the weather. If the wind is in our favor we go in a straight line south. If not, we take a route along the norwegian coast and through the fjords. So in both situations it will be a voyage that you will remember for the rest of your life!

Day 18: Goodbye Noorderlicht

Unfortunately, our adventure through the Arctic landscape of Spitsbergen and over the Northen seas has come to an end. After arriving in Rotterdam, you are kindly requested to disembark by 09:00. After that we really have to wave goodbye!

Please note: Our voyages are subject to wind and weather conditions, which may impact the ability to sail exclusively by wind power. In order to ensure timely arrivals, our captains may need to utilize the engine. The decision to hoist sails is at the sole discretion of the captain, prioritizing safety and optimal voyage conditions. We appreciate your understanding of these factors as we strive to provide a memorable and secure maritime experience.

18 days of sailing

This is your chance to experience the art of Tall Ship sailing at its finest. Join our experienced crew in the watches, or just enjoy the amazing views on the ocean and coastal lines of Norway.

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